Greg has self-taught himself a wide range of computer skills. After becoming quickly fascinated by computers and websites he bought programming books and began to learn. After finding out how much he enjoyed programming he began to explore other interests to expand his skill set with computers. By studying things such as web design, relational database design, and computer networking.

Skill set

For start to finish web development many skill sets are required. Greg is proficient and most skilled at PHP programming at the highest levels. For large projects all his code is written in an Object-Oriented style. To compliment this skill and for databases he is proficient in the use of MySQL and working with SQL queries. He is also proficient in HTML (v5), CSS (v3), with a good grasp on Javascript as well. Greg also has experience managing a Windows Active Directory network and configuring the Group Policies. He is also experienced in project management.

Present Focus

Greg is currently doing freelance web work, developing web based software, and remote IT management.